Training Programs

Tech Academy

Software Development

This course provides a comprehensive insight including project experience into the world of software development in various capacities listed above. All options will commence with a critical thinking class, giving participants the opportunity to learn how to critically evaluate situations.

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UX/UI Design

In the rapidly evolving landscape of digital products and services, user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design have become integral to success. A well-crafted user experience not only captivates your audience but also drives business growth. Our comprehensive training program for UX/UI design aims to equip professionals with the skills and insights necessary to thrive in this dynamic field.

How the Training works

Intensive training

Clients will be provided with the subject matter knowledge for your selected course, using a simple, practical, and easy-to-understand training delivery model aimed at ensuring delegates understand the fundamentals of the selected course

4 weeks virtual Project Experience

After the training, Delegates then work with the project team which consists of a Project manager, PMOs Key SMEs, Developers, and the BA team to deliver a real-life project. It is important to note that The NewLeaf Group is also a management consultancy company hence we have client projects that we allow you to work on, to get first-hand experience.

Optional Extras

CV Writing

We also provide specialised CV Writing Services to support you with Job Applications

Exam Application

We provide support with processing professional exams application submission including payment for the Exam on behalf of the client. Please enquire with your trainer on completion of your 1/2 week training how this works


Deliver sustainable and cost-effective solutions to every client


Become a trusted IT Partner with client to enable seamless business operations